Lightning Alerts

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This page will display if any Mason campus or site is under a lightning warning or watch.


Lightning Watch: There has been a lightning strike within 15 miles of campus. All outdoor events should prepare to stop all operations and move to a safe location

Lightning Warning: There has been a lightning strike within 10 miles of campus and all outdoor activities should stop immediately and everyone should move into a structure (a building or car). You should remain inside for 30 minutes past the last warning strike (the table above will show No Activity after the 30 minutes have passed).

Want to get alerts sent to your phone?

You can opt into campus weather alerts on Mason Alert ( Once you have opted in, you will receive text messages whenever the campus you opted into is under a lightning warning and when it is OK to resume outdoor operations. A Rave Guardian app alert will be sent whenever a lighting watch is issued for the campus. Don’t have the Rave Guardian application? Its free to all Employees and students and available for free through the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store.

Opting into Alerts:

Sign into your Mason Alert account at Click on Opt-In Lists and select the campus you would like to receive lightning alerts for.