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Active Threat / Stop the Bleed Training

This course is a combination course that include information on how to respond to an Active Threat situation and provide first aid to large volume bleeding. Participants will gain hands-on experience with how to use a tourniquet and provide first aid to someone who is bleeding. You will also learn the RUN-HIDE-FIGHT response to an Active Shooter situation. This class also offers participants the ability to ask what-if questions as they pertain to Active Threat situations. This class is open to Faculty, Staff and Students. To register, click here or contact for more information.

Active Threat Response

Safety is a top priority at George Mason University. Police and Public Safety and Safety, Emergency, & Enterprise Risk Management are committed to creating an environment where everyone in our community can thrive. It is important to remember that everyone can play a role in sustaining a safe and secure campus.

If you suspect that a person is capable of causing harm to themselves or others, or observe a suspicious incident or person, report your observation to Mason Police immediately by dialing 911 or 703-993-2810Remember, if you see something, say something.

Active Threats: Awareness & Prevention

George Mason University’s Active Threats: Awareness & Prevention Video provides:

  • information on behaviors that typically precede violence,
  • instructions on who to contact if you are concerned about an individual causing harm to themselves or others,
  • and what do if violence does occur on campus.

This video is approximately 15 minutes long and provides closed captions (optional). To view the video, press play below.  If the media does not appear, please click here.  To request in-person Active Threat or Emergency Preparedness training, please email

Violence on Campus Response Procedures

In the event that you are notified of or encounter a person with a weapon who is determined to cause harm:


If safety permits, exit the area/building immediately and move as far away from the scene of violence as possible.

  • Notify others to exit the building and seek protection elsewhere.
  • Call 911 and relay as much information as possible (e.g., location, description of the individual(s), and type of weapon used).


If you can’t safely exit the building or the attacker is nearby, proceed to the nearest room or a room in the nearest building and lock the door. If you cannot lock the door, block the door with furniture or equipment.

  • Take cover behind equipment or furnishings.
  • Turn off the lights.
  • Cover door windows.
  • Remain quiet and act as if the room is empty.
  • Place cell phones and other electronic devices on silent or vibrate mode.
  • If you are with a group of people, try to hide in multiple locations in the room. It is best not to hide as one large group.
  • When law enforcement arrives follow their instructions, keep your hands visible and raised, and avoid pointing or gestures that may be mistaken for holding or firing a weapon.


If you are confronted by an individual with a weapon in a life-or-death situation, defend yourself and others by whatever means are necessary. This should be reserved for situations where your life or the life of others is at risk and you feel there are no other options. In these cases, do not relent until the aggressor is restrained or law enforcement arrives.

Preparedness Resources

The following resources are free and available to all university students and employees:

Mason Alert Emergency Notifications

Mason Alert is the university’s official emergency notification system. Mason Alert is used to issue emergency notifications and other important announcements that may affect your safety. Please visit to register your cell phone.

Active Threat Training

The Department of Police and Public Safety and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) offer Active Threat Training on a routine basis or upon request to provide instruction and discuss how to respond to violence that may occur on or off campus. To request a training session contact

Emergency Preparedness App

Rave Guardian is a campus safety mobile application that enhances preparedness and safety on-campus using interactive features and allowing students to create a virtual network of friends, family and campus safety personnel. The application also includes anonymous, two-way crime reporting through text and picture messaging. The application is available to anyone with a university email address for free through the iTunes store and the Google Play store. Click here for more information.


If you have any questions or concerns about Mason’s readiness for potential emergencies on campus, please contact:

Department of Police and Public Safety

Environmental Health & Safety Office



Phone: 703.993.2810


Phone: 703.993.8448
In case of an emergency on campus, call 911 or 703-993-2810.