Mason Alert: Power Outage Fairfax Campus Wednesday, July 17

Posted: July 17, 2019 at 6:00 pm

The Fairfax Campus has experienced a power outage affecting most buildings on the Fairfax Campus.  If you are trapped in a building and need immediate emergency assistance, call 911.

  • Discontinue all non-essential work until utilities are restored.
  • If there is insufficient light, exit the area or building to a location with sufficient natural light.
  • Assist faculty, staff, and students who may not be familiar with evacuation procedures or the building floor plan.
  • If it is unsafe to exit the building, relocate to an area that has sufficient ambient light to avoid injury, such as a lobby or conference room with windows.

Facilities Management and utility companies are working to identify the problem and restore power as soon as possible. An update on this situation will be sent via Mason Alert as soon as possible.