Mason Alert: Earthquake Drill

Posted: October 15, 2015 at 10:05 am

This message initiates the statewide earthquake drill beginning at 10:15 a.m. today, Thursday October 15. This is only a drill and test of the Mason Alert emergency notification system. Participation in this drill is voluntary.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to review the Earthquake Preparation and Response Guide on line at and share this information with co-workers and students.  More information about this drill and earthquake preparedness is available on line at

If You Are Indoors: Remain indoors and seek protection until the earthquake subsides. Stay calm and take precautions to protect yourself from potential debris by:

  • Drop to the floor and get under or adjacent to a sturdy table, desk, or permanent fixture.
  • Cover your head and neck with your arms and hands.
  • Hold On to the table or desk you are under as objects may shift during the earthquake.

If You Are Outdoors: Move away from buildings, overhangs, trees, and power lines to a clear area such as a large open public area or field. If you’re driving, pull over and stop in an area that does not have any overhead hazards.

After the Earthquake: Once the earthquake has stopped do the following:

  • Exit the building when safety permits and move to the Designated Assembly Area.
  • Use emergency exit route information posted throughout university buildings to determine the quickest route out of the building.  Elevators should not be used.
  • If the building loses power during the earthquake and you are unable to safely navigate your way out of the building due to low visibility, remain in place and notify University Police of your location if you are able.
  • Move to the Designated Assembly Area and take account of your co-workers, students or peers; report missing persons to emergency response personnel and University Police.
  • Do not re-enter any building until it is cleared by University Police, Facilities Management, emergency response personnel, Environmental Health and Safety Office, or university official.

BE PREPARED: Download the university’s Emergency Preparedness app for smart phones (iPhone and Android) that contains important information on how to respond to emergencies that may occur on campus as well as links and emergency phone numbers that can be accessed directly from the app.  Download the In Case of Crisis – Education app to your phone (be sure to select the Education version).  Follow the instructions on how to add a plan and select “George Mason University.”

For additional information about emergency preparedness at George Mason University, please visit,, or contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office at (703) 993-8448 or

Thank you for participating in this drill and test of the Mason Alert system.