Are You Mason Ready?

Dr. Cabrera is Mason Ready, are you?

Dr. Cabrera is Mason Ready, are you?

With thousands of students, faculty, staff, and visitors as well as many distributed campuses, emergency preparedness and public safety at Mason is an individual and community effort.

Many of the same principles that you would use in your every day life apply to emergency preparedness at Mason, however, we like to take it a step further. Everyone has a role in creating and maintaining a safe environment at Mason and it is our job to make that process easier. So, how can you be Mason Ready?





Familiarize Yourself with Mason’s Emergency Preparedness Guides

They provide information on how to prepare and respond to emergencies that may occur on campus to include: Building evacuation, severe weather, shelter-in-place procedures, on-campus violence, earthquakes, regional emergencies, and medical emergencies.

Manage Your Mason Alert Account

Mason Alert is the notification system that we use to send emergency notifications and timely warnings to the university community. Messages can be received via text, email, telephone call, and digital signage. All university students and employees are automatically enrolled for email alerts to their or email accounts; however, we strongly encourage you register your cell phone number(s) and any additional email addresses (including those of your friends and family if you so choose) in order to ensure that emergency messages are received in a timely manner.

Download Mason’s Emergency Mobile App

So, you didn’t have time to read (and memorize!) every single one of our guides? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. We live in an increasingly mobile world, so we don’t expect you to be at your desk or to carry around pounds of printed emergency preparedness guides. Instead, we’ve got an app for that! Visit our mobile app page for more details.

Be Proactive and Know Your Surroundings

Do you know about Mason’s Annual Security Report? It’s prepared by University Police in cooperation with local law enforcement, local fire services, and the Environmental Health and Safety office along with other campus security authorities. It includes three years of crime statistics as well as other information relevant to the security of George Mason University campuses. It’s simply a great resource for knowing what to look out for on campus!

Help Spread the Word

It is important for everyone to understand that they have a role in creating and maintaining a safe environment at Mason. Help us spread the word by making sure that everyone you know is Mason Ready. We’ve even created a few posters below to help with this process. Feel free to share with your friends, students, colleagues, community members, and anyone else you think may be interested!

Spread the Word

So, you're already Mason Ready? That's awesome! Help us spread the word with the help of a few print friendly posters below.

You're Not Mason Ready Unless You're Mobile Ready Not Every Day is a Sunny Day - Find out how you can be prepared for severe weather at Mason. Earthquakes at Mason? It can happen. Find out how you can be prepared. See something, say something. You never know when you can make a difference.